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What is Silver Pro

For the past 10 years, almost every upscale event band across the country, has created several Music Videos to promote themselves. By definition, these music videos have been fully recorded in advance, allowing the bands to lip-sync and air guitar their way to a "perfect" looking performance. Always wanting to be different and not wanting to use a manipulated product to promote bands that perform live every weekend... Silver Pro uses multiple mediums for our clients to enjoy within each band's videos. Whether it be a Live Showcase that was filmed, Live Footgae from events or even live studio recordings, you can be 100% positive that everything you see and hear is live! We do not lip-sync on our videos.

The best way to hire a band is always to see them live at an event, but if you find yourself trying to choose someone online, Silver Pro provides you with the best and most detailed tools ever created.  


Live Music Production

In the private event for over 30 years, Silver Pro Music still provides the highest quality live bands and a one-of-a-kind collaborative expeience for our clients. Our team meticulously curates the members from each band, to ensure the the most dynamic performances possible. Every song should sound and feel like the original versions we all cherish. Our devoted Bandleaders and passioniate office team are always ready to make your event a truly unforgettable evening!

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Make your event PERFECT

After many months or years of hard work, nothing makes our team prouder than seeing 200 guests having the time of their lives! It truly takes a village to plan a once-in-a-lifetime private event and we understand that we only get one shot to make it perfect. Silver Pro always strives to exceed the expectations of our clients and Event Planners, successfully collaborate with all of the vendors, while making sure to provide a transparent and artistically conducive environment for our superstar performers. We tirelessly plan every musicsal and techical detail, to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves the day of the event.  


Artists who care

Led by musicians and vocalists, our Creative Team is always looking for the best talent who have the ability to become part of something larger than themselves. Having 12 Rockstars in the same band is a challenge, but it is crucial that everyone is a master of thier craft. Whether it be that trumpet player who pumps up the crowd with a solo, or an 80's Rock Singer who appears to transport everyone back in time... each member of our bands adds their distinctive talents to the collective. Because of our high standards, we need a diverse roster of dedicated entertainers who stay with their band to create a tight, unified show, every single time. Silver Pro takes its responsibility of keeping our "familes" together very seriously, so that we can maintain the continuity and unity of each act. Getting talented individuals to work together towards the common purpose of rockin' parties, is what we do!


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