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What is Silver Pro

For the past 10 years, almost every upscale event band across the country, has created several Music Videos to promote themselves. By definition, these music videos have been fully recorded in advance, allowing the bands to lip-sync and air guitar their way to a "perfect" looking performance. Always wanting to be different and not wanting to use a manipulated product to promote bands that perform live every weekend... Silver Pro uses multiple mediums for our clients to enjoy within each band's videos. Whether it be a Live Showcase that was filmed, Live Footgae from events or even live studio recordings, you can be 100% positive that everything you see and hear is live! We do not lip-sync on our videos.

The best way to hire a band is always to see them live at an event, but if you find yourself trying to choose someone online, Silver Pro provides you with the best and most detailed tools ever created.  


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