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Silver Pro has a passionate and creative team that are always here to assist you in making your event truly unforgettable!  

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Evan Tyler
CEO - President

Evan Tyler, CEO of both Silver Pro and Starlight Music, began his career at 15 years old as a dancer/Master of Ceremonies for private events. With dreams of becoming an actor or recording artist, he attended Mason Gross School of the Arts for a short time while also building up his reputation as an entertainer at Weddings and other types of parties. Having paid his own way, Evan is a graduate of AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy) located in NYC and is a proud alumni of Stagedoor Manor. For the first half of his career, Evan produced and entertained at well over 1000 private ev...Read more

Michelle VegaMichelle Vega
Michelle Vega
Client Coordination/Event Producer

All Silver Pro roads lead to Michelle! She works with our valued clients, from the first time they contact us, all the way until the BIG DAY! Michelle's charm, patience, passion and joy will be evident from the moment you first speak with her. She oversees the musical details, requests and timing of every event. This requires a great attention to detail, organization, commitment and a never-ending supply of smiles. When the crowd applauds after the event ends, Michelle is somewhere taking a bow, knowing she made sure the night was perfect. Having recently been married, she is also a resource for ideas :)

Justine RodolicoJustine Rodolico
Justine Rodolico
Talent Coordination

Justine manages Silver Pro's deep roster of talent. Making sure that every performer has every detail they need , is no easy task. Whether confirming flights and hotels for 25 people or arranging transport for someone stuck in the snow, Justine makes sure the trains run on time! She is our silent hero, working behind-the-scenes with grace and poise to ensure that every event is executed properly. Keeping an eye on over 200 artists takes focus and patience. As a client, you may never have the pleasure of speaking with Justine, but she is 100% involved in making your event a success.

Ramon de BruynRamon de Bruyn
Ramon de Bruyn
Music Director/Bandleader/Webmaster

A Fulbright Scholar from South Africa, Ramon is our invaluable Musical Director assisting our bands with their many needs, while also being a Bandleader/Bass Player. Keeping his brilliant mind constantly challenged, he manages our new website platform, CRM and OS. Whether coding, conducting an orchestra or picking up his kids from school, Ramon does everything with class and style.

Myoshi MarillaMyoshi Marilla
Myoshi Marilla
Creative Director/Bandleader

Music and Fashion have to work in harmony when it comes to a live music performance. Myoshi's keen eye, savvy style and her naturally intuitive sense of what looks good, can be seen in almost every aspect of Silver Pro. Our website, social media, band wardrobe, all have her special touch. She is Starlight's creative conscience while also performing as a superhero Bandleader/Lead Singer of her own band. Myoshi always brings it!

Thomas CampadonicoThomas Campadonico
Thomas Campadonico
Production Director

No matter how talented a live band is, if their sound equipment is bad... they sound bad. It takes a mastermind overseeing a large team of sound engineers, warehouse staff, crew and a never-quit attitude to make sure that hundreds of live events have the proper sound and lighting. Tom is the shadow in the back making sure everything works. That is, until he comes out of the back to DJ your After Party, bringing your guests into a wild frenzy and making sure the party never ends.

Noble JacksonNoble Jackson
Noble Jackson
Production Manager

Noble is the invincible bridge that stands as the main line of communication between Silver Pro, Tom and the dozens of crew members we employ every week. Managing the needs of one live band is a challenge, but handling 10+ bands each week is downright Herculean. This is probably why Noble is also a Bodybuilder! When he isn't ordering backline or creating stage plots, Noble can also be seen behind the sound board each night as an A1 Engineer.

Vaios SorianoVaios Soriano
Vaios Soriano

As our stylist, Vaios has curated hundreds of dresses, suits and costumes for our performers. When we have needed to level up, he has personally designed many of our most glamorous looks from scratch and brought them to life. From a dazzling gown, to the bracelet that matches the men's ties... Vaios is there to manage every detail. His amazing creativity and vision can felt at each event. As a Lead Vocalist in our bands, and as a choreographer, he makes every act shine bright.

Shawn TylerShawn Tyler
Shawn Tyler
Chief Marketing Officer

In order to create Silver Pro's dynamic web-platform and operating system, we needed an executive with decades of knowledge in multiple technical fields. Shawn has managed teams of 40+ people and built complex websites now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is the master-brain that runs all of our CPU brains. He also creates and manages our marketing strategy and initiatives.


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